Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Strike Day 87 (12 A.D.)

Today was a good day for me.

John McCaine won in Florida, setting him up as the undisputed Republican front-runner heading into next week's Super-Tuesday primaries, plus Rudy Giuliani fared pretty awfully and is expected to drop out of the race and endorse McCaine tomorrow.

Meanwhile, my partner and I got some very good news concerning a movie we wrote some time ago -- and which we were rewritten on during the intervening years. I was happy the current strike made way for something good on the work front.

Out on the line today it was low-key in a good way. A mix of new and familiar faces and weather that got better as the day went on.

And then there were the RUMORS -- one after another, most good, some bad, all easily dismissible.

The very kind and beautiful SMOOTHIE WOMAN of Valencia -- probably familiar to most Warner Bros. picket veterans -- stopped by and graced those of us on the picket line with some very delectable fresh and nourishing drinks.

I finished up my shift and headed home -- and then something happened that hasn't happened to me before for the entire length of the strike: I got a phone-call -- actually two phone-calls in a row -- that put me on the receiving end of yet MORE RUMOR.

It was the same story from both sources -- an agent and a lawyer -- very positive, pointing to the strike ending in the next few weeks.

Perhaps this will be born out by future events, maybe not.

The bottom line remains: IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER.

Not yet.

When the end of the strike comes, it will matter a helluva lot.

Until then, for those of us not on the WGA Negotiating Committee or Executive Committee, only one thing should matter:

Showing up to picket as often as we are able.

At Warner Bros. today the security guards walked out every hour on the hour to do their head-count of we picketers and pass the info on, as it is their job to do.

That's their job.

Picketing is ours.

Let's not lie down on the job.

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