Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Strike Day 54-59 - East Coast style


I've been off-line for almost a week, due to internet-challenged friends and network-challenged hotels -- but somehow my hotel slipped up and enabled my connection, so I'm back, if only for a moment.

Times Square on New Year's Eve was an amazing event, first time for me with children present, as well as wife, friends and in-laws.

Before that the big football "reunion" game was terrific, with the kids playing up to the adult level. Of course the adults hadn't really done much playing for about a decade but still, it was impressive.

On the Strike front the big news is the separate deal with World Wide Pants, enabling David Letterman's writers to return to work. To make a long story short, my comment on this is: good for them and good for us.

Yes, I understand all the arguments against this deal specifically and any such deal that doesn't allow for every writer to go back at the same time in general. I don't begrudge anyone who holds that opinion the right to their opinion -- but please don't use it as a crutch to whine and complain and belly-ache to the world at large about the WGA and its leadership. As I said some time ago in response to a reader's COMMENT:

In any game that lasts more than a few minutes there will be some dropped balls.

If you are someone who considers this deal a "tactical error" then I sympathize with your plight but I repeat what I said on that earlier occasion: WE SHOULD NOT LET TACTICAL ERRORS DISTRACT US FROM OUR STRATEGIC GOAL.

We elected these guys. They are in charge. The moment we start to seriously second-guess their leadership we will be DONE, FINISHED, OUT-OF-THE-GAME.

We will fall prey to the end-game which finished our predecessors off THREE TIMES DURING THE NINETEEN-EIGHTIES: we will EAT OURSELVES ALIVE -- and guess who will be left standing to clean up the slabs of writer-flesh littering the streets of Hollywood, Burbank and Culver City...???


That's who.

I've got to go get ready for dinner. If I'm lucky I'll be able to continue "BLOGGING" when we get back later tonight.

Hang tough in '08!

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